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MyKnox is Knox College's internal news and information portal, allowing students, faculty, and staff to access important College information and services and to utilize secure tools. Visit MyKnox to learn about upcoming campus events, read about the accomplishments of the many members of the Knox community, check out what's for lunch today in the Hard Knox Cafe, access your e-mail and other administrative tools, and much more.

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Honor Code

Academic and intellectual integrity is the fundamental principle that guides Knox College. All academic work at Knox is conducted under the Honor Code, which was established by student initiative at the College in 1951. The system is based on individual integrity and concern for the welfare of the academic community.

By accepting admission to Knox College, each student affirms that the primary responsibility for academic honesty rests with them. Each is morally responsible for the integrity of his or her own work.

I understand the Honor Code and affirm my committment to upholding it.

I understand that, as a Knox student, I am subject to the Honor Code and wish to learn more about the particulars of the Code. A member of the Honor Board my contact me.

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